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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Accuracy-Related Penalty - A taxpayer who submits a return that is not accurate may be subject to an accuracy-related pentalty.

Accounting Services - Does your business need accounting help?

Levies and Liens - Methods the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") Uses to Collect Delinquent Taxes

Standard Mileage Rates Increase for 2019 - The IRS has issued the standard mileage rates for 2019 (Notice 2019-02).

20% Deduction For Qualified Business Income - Section 199A - On December 22, 2017 President Trump signed into law The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that created a significant new tax deduction taking effect in 2018.

Certain Business Meals Continue to be Deductible As Clarified by the IRS Notice - Last week, the IRS issued guidance clarifying the deductibility of expenses for certain business meals as amended by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 ("the Act").

Reduce your retirement distribution with QLAC - Starting at age 70 1/2, owners of pre-tax accounts must take required minimum distributions (RMDs), which are taxed as ordinary income, from their retirement accounts.

Exit Strategy - Most Business owners do not start their business with the thought of how they will exit the business in the distant future, but an exit plan should be formulated early on.

How will the tax reform affect you? - As individuals collect their 2017 tax documents for returns due April 17, 2018, many will be considering how the new tax reform law will affect their taxes going forward.

Business Tax Changes for 2018 - Now is the time for businesses to start considering changes in strategies based on the newly enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act ("TCJA").

Safe Harbor from the Hurricane, Casualty Losses - As taxpayers continue to recover from the summer hurricane disasters that hit our area, many must now face the burden of finding documentation to support their property losses if they wish to deduct that loss on their tax return.

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