CPA, Senior
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Annie Sherek joins the Griffing and Company team after four years of rising through the ranks at PwC, a powerhouse company within the professional services industry. She started as a tax intern, navigating tax research databases, and quickly ascended to the position of Senior Tax Associate, where she presented and educated other associates on tax concepts and proper tax reporting.

Back in the day, a different kind of reporting caught her eye, and she logged time at the University of Texas Moody School of Journalism. She came to realize her passion and skillset were better utilized working with people on accounting and tax issues. She transferred to Texas A&M University, where she eventually earned a Master's of Science in Tax. Up to this point, her career has been filled with milestones anchored in collaboration and building lasting relationships with clients. Her goal is to develop a broader range of accounting expertise and expand her skill set. Away from the office, she embraces traveling, painting, and trying out new recipes.

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